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How to Clean Cobia – Guide

Snaring and handling a cobia is certifiably not something simple. They are solid, hard battling fish that are a test to catch, net or gaff, and boat. When that fish is securely in the boat and every one of the photos taken, it is presently an ideal opportunity for you to handle that fish into excellent cobia filets for the table. Be that as it may, Clean Cobia do you have at least some idea how to filet a cobia and don’t waste anything?

Chief Richard Rutland of Cold Blooded Fishing in Mobile, Alabama has been fishing the neighborhood waters for north of 15 years and, as a fishing guide he has expertly fileted large number of fish. Cobia are one of his beloved animal groups to target, and in the wake of cleaning many them, he’s distinguished a couple of little-known techniques that will assist you with squandering nothing and produce lovely cobia filets the following time you get back a Ling.

It’s implied that to cut through a hard cobia skin, you really want a sharp strong however adaptable blade and a sharpening steel to clean it up as you go through the fileting system. The pictures in the instructional exercise underneath came from, “Fileting a Cobia Like a Pro”.


Since cobia are certifiably not a notable fish we thought it checked out to begin with a fast outline of what they are. Cobia (additionally called dark kingfish) are a saltwater sport fish that grow up to 6 feet in length and north of 150 lbs.

They have a wide level head and are dull dim or brown in shading with a white paunch. They have two dim stripes on their sides that become more overwhelming during their bringing forth season.

Cobia are some of the time confused with sharks from a distance because of their huge pectoral balance. This happens oftentimes during their mating season, as cobia like to school close to the surface and jab their blade out of the water while making.

Cobia are essentially foragers. They can regularly be observed after bigger fish like sharks or manta beams holding on to single out the pieces they abandon after a supper.

They additionally appreciate eating baitfish, crabs, and other little scavangers that are simple for them to get. Cobia are famous for being interested fish. They’ll regularly swim straight dependent upon your boat to look at what’s happening or then again assuming there’s something to eat.

Cleaning Cobia fillet

  • This how to filet a cobia is by the “Deer Meat for Dinner” couple out of Florida.
  • It is a quite speedy clearing with the head off of the cobia.
  • This cobia cleaning is a piece speedier instructional exercise than the Option #2 video beneath, notwithstanding, you really do pass up a few additional tips that Karl clarifies underneath in Option #2.

Clean a bleeding Cobia

  • This subsequent choice of how to filet a cobia is by Big Rock Champion Karl Knudson and he covers pretty much all that you could have to know to get an ideal cobia filet.
  • He even tells you the best way to collect the eggs of the female cobia (otherwise known as Roe, otherwise known as Caviar).
  • Look at Karl working really hard getting a huge load of meat from this cobia.

Instructions to prepare Cobia

Presently in spite of the fact that we are giving two extraordinary cobia cooking plans beneath, my sibling Luke makes probably the best cobia with an unbelievably simple method for barbecuing cobia (with a few fixings).

Here is our main event at Salt Strong:

  • Cut the cobia into little filets a similar size as a pleasant 10 – 12 oz. filet mignon
  • Empty olive oil into a container to the point that there is a decent 1/4 inch of olive oil up and down the lower part of the dish
  • Place the cobia filets in the olive oil (try to flip and ensure the whole cobia is canvassed in olive oil) and allow them to marinate for a decent hour in the olive oil (refrigerated)
  • Sprinkle on garlic pepper and a bit of everglades preparing for some additional character
  • Barbecue the cobia at approx 350-400 degrees with each side of the filet getting approx 5-7 minutes (contingent upon the thickness of the filet and the kind of barbecue you have)
  • Serve hot

Note: With truly huge cobia you will observe that you have sufficient cobia meat for two or three dinners. All things considered, make a point to promptly freeze any of the filets that you are sure will not be eaten at that sitting (you don’t need these sitting in olive oil, and you need them to freeze as speedy as could really be expected).

Can You Eat Cobia Dishes?

We’ve been hearing a ton concerning how much fun it is to get cobia – the enormous striped saltwater gamefish that is now and then mixed up as a shark. They’re insatiable feeders and can be gotten with a wide range of baits. Yet, whenever you’ve gotten one, would you be able to eat cobia? Furthermore what does cobia have an aftertaste like? We’re here to respond to these inquiries and the sky is the limit from there!

  1. Cobia are frequently neglected as a saltwater sports fish, and surprisingly more so as a choice to eat in the wake of fishing.
  2. Yet, this shouldn’t be the situation. After the arrangements we’ve done ourselves and what we’ve heard in our fishing local area, we realize that you can make an extraordinary dinner out of the following cobia you get.
  3. We’ll go over what cobia possesses a flavor like, how to appropriately clean cobia, and how to cook cobia. We’ll even incorporate a portion of our cherished plans that we’ve obtained from our cobia fishing companions. How about we make a plunge!

Snaring and handling a cobia is certifiably not something simple. They are solid, hard battling fish that are a test to catch, net or gaff, and boat. When that fish is securely in the boat and every one of the photos taken, it is presently an ideal opportunity for you to handle that fish into…

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