Cobia 220 Dual Console Review

Cobia 220 Dual Console Review

Drifting is something other than one part of being on the water. Fishing is clearly one of the main capacities of a boat, yet relaxation and skiing is vital to boaters too. Not everything boats can oblige these things, however the Cobia 220 Dual Console Review available to be purchased today have figured out how to consolidate it all delightfully. Here are only a portion of the things you will cherish about this noteworthy vessel constructed and planned by Cobia.

Cobia considers the 220 Dual Console the “do-everything boat” for water fun lovers who like to ski, fish and journey. Genuine fishermen will find Cobia’s 220 Dual Console model a decent stage from which to begin with committed fishing choices, and with enough common luxuries to make her a more straightforward “sell” to the whole family. The game and fish disapproved of Cobia 220 Dual Console is intended to mix fishing and cruising highlights with a strong performing frame and dry ride in a multi-reason family sporting joy boat.

Extravagance, solace and quality come norm with each 220 Dual Console. Planned with a similar velvety body and dry ride as the out-performing 220 CC, the 220 DC handles even the greatest water with certainty, security and style. A shrewd, multi-reason design is prepared to meet any on-the-water experience for the entire loved ones.

Standard highlights incorporate overlap down toward the back seating, a front seat that proselytes to a parlor and genuine fishing conveniences like devoted under gunwale Harris Pontoon Boat Review. Add to that extensive storage space for stuff, packs and skis, a completely completed standup head region and a variety of choices including a ski tow bar that keenly breaks into the deck. The 220 DC answers the call regardless of the circumstances, the action or the team.


The Cobia 220 Dual Console Review is presented with fundamental however sufficient fishing highlights. Standard treated steel cut style pole holders are incorporated into the gunwales, there are two bar holders and the boat’s three spikes are spring up. One more standard element is the cushioned back support pads covering the full sides of the cockpit region and folding over the bow seating also.


The 220 might be outfitted with a discretionary 25 gallon (94.6 L) livewell. A discretionary 7” (17.8 cm) Raymarine gadgets bundle and 25 gallon (94.6 L) crude water washdown bundle are additionally accessible.

Cobia 220 Dual Console Review


There is a lot of storage for packs, stuff and skis/wakeboards, and a discretionary ski tow bar that breaks perfectly into the deck. To starboard is a 3-step boarding stepping stool and the port sidekick seatback turns forward to make a rearward confronting spotters seat. She has water driven directing norm, something a few producers incorporate as a choice. A towing arch is discretionary.

Those anticipating towing sports will very much love to discover that the Cobia 220 Dual Console Review is furnished with a Yamaha 200XB detachable motor arriving at plane in 3.8 seconds, as indicated by the producer.


A boat without a strong motor in Florida is a vessel that will be left a long ways behind the pack. You never need to be abandoned and with the Cobia 220 Dual Console Review, you never should be. This boat has numerous choices for accessible motors, however the standard motor offers a lot of force for any excursion. The F200XB conveys somewhere in the range of 40 and 45 mph at max power with a normal of 2.25 mpg. Cruising velocity of 23 mph offers significant more miles per gallon at a normal of 4 mpg. Other discretionary motors incorporate the F150 XB, F150 XCA, F200 XB, F200 XCA, F250 NCA, and the F250 XB. With Cobia, it is all up to the individual proprietor.

Variety of Seating Options

Cobia 220 Dual Console Review

Seating is significant on any vessel and offering a scope of seating choices empowers the vessel to be utilized for substantially more than one reason. The Cobia 220 Dual Console Review boat was intended to be all that you believe it should be and that incorporates guest plans. The bow seating offers significant space for relaxing including two accessible fold over relax seats.

It turns out to be considerably more adaptable with the discretionary addition to transform the whole space into a full parlor region. The back of the vessel offers an extra take out seat ideal for when the boat is moving, however the genuine star of this boat is found on the traveler seating region. This seat can stay the standard front seat or changed in one of two ways. Transform it into a toward the back confronting seat or pull up the food rest for a rearward confronting lounger. Regardless of where you sit, you will be blessed to receive solace all through.


Assuming you expect on investing any measure of energy adrift, you will require a lot of storage and the originators of the Cobia 220 Dual Console Review assembled some in for you. Lockable storage is accessible in charge of the vessel to keep resources not far off and a cooler is situated at the convertible lounger.

For snare storage, two live lure wells offer you a brilliant space to keep up with and keep trap new the entire day and the boat even has a lockable head compartment. The head compartment has a porta potti style toilet, yet when not being used, it makes for a magnificent spot to store fishing gear. Extra storage is found all through the deck of the Dual Console.


With such a wonderful vessel, you will need to take it all over and the plan of the Cobia 220 Dual Console boat permits simply that. The boat is a magnificent and exceptional fishing vessel, yet additionally functions admirably as a ski boat. It even has a ski post that withdraws from the transom of the boat for simple water skiing connection.

This vessel has been intended for each angle, so whether you need to take it out for a family excursion or only a tad of fishing with companions, it is there for you. The more modest height of the vessel likewise makes it simple to slip into any port all through the coast and the excellence of the plan will guarantee that you even fit in at the best of ports too.


  • Length: 21′ 7″
  • Pillar: 8′ 6″
  • Draft: 18″
  • Fuel Capacity: 89 Gallons
  • Max HP: 250
  • Limit: 9 People or 1,600 lbs.
  • Weight: 2,950 lbs.

COBIA 220 Dual Console Boat for Sale

The decision to buy a boat is simple. The draw of life out on the water is critical, yet when it comes time to genuine set the strategy in motion and search out the ideal boat, the undertaking can be a piece laborious. The standard internet based ordered destinations are how the vast majority get their vessels, however the accessible inventory frequently drives individuals to agree to second best.

Vessel Vendor offers you a superior method for looking for your next boat or sell your ongoing one. We have an assortment of Cobia 220 Dual Console Review available to be purchased alongside some other vessel you could need, so you never again need to agree to second best. It is the ideal opportunity for a superior method for shopping and Vessel Vendor is like that.

Drifting is something other than one part of being on the water. Fishing is clearly one of the main capacities of a boat, yet relaxation and skiing is vital to boaters too. Not everything boats can oblige these things, however the Cobia 220 Dual Console Review available to be purchased today have figured out how…

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