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Intex Inflatable Kayak Review

Intex Inflatable Kayak Review

We won’t lie; we at first felt somewhat wary about how the Intex Inflatable Kayak Review would perform on the water. Be that as it may, when we got it out there, we were enjoyably amazed with how sensible this kayak is. It sits low and is generally steady, following nicely well with a long, separable skeg. We additionally like that it accompanies all that you want to get drifting (beside the existence coat) at an exceptionally minimal expense. It wins no honors, however we think there are a few substantial motivations to buy the Challenger K2.

The Intex Challenger K1 is perhaps of the least expensive inflatable kayak. It even arrives in a total set, so that nothing disrupts the general flow of a prompt rowing visit. We currently needed to be aware for ourselves how is it to paddle the Intex 1-individual kayak and might it at any point rival a decent quality inflatable kayak.

Like other inflatable kayaks, the Intex Inflatable Kayak sets up effectively and packs little, making it extraordinary for those with restricted capacity. It’s likewise among the least expensive kayaks available, pursuing it an extraordinary decision for those wishing to take a stab at kayaking without making a colossal interest in a boat or a spot to store it.

The Leak in Inflatable Kayak is sold with two aluminum oars and siphon. The plan highlights of this inflatable kayak make it fit to rowing on quiet lakes and gentle waterways. This Intex Challenger K2 review will cover the boat’s principal highlights, alongside its assets and shortcomings to assist you with choosing if it’s the right kayak for you.

Why purchase an inflatable kayak?

As far as I might be concerned, possessing a legitimate fiberglass kayak was never possible. They require huge load of cash, a lot of extra room, a vehicle with rooftop racks, and the capacity to lift and tie the thing onto said rooftop racks without causing yourself (or other street clients) hurt.

In the interim, inflatable kayaks offer the ideal arrangement; they’re very modest (particularly the Intex Challenger, which you can as of now purchase on Amazon for just shy of £90!*), and they’re unquestionably simple to ship and store, because of their capacity to pack down into a 65cm by 40cm sack!

I own two of these kayaks, and hurl them both into the rear of my Intex Inflatable Kayak Review with space specifically for one more enormous pack or two of ocean side stuff. It’s an easy decision, particularly in the event that you’re a fledgling kayaker – yet I’ll discuss that in a moment.

Performance Comparison

Taking care of

For how much this kayak looks like a curiously large pool floatie, we are fairly satisfied with how well it handles on the water. It rides low, making it more steady to paddle and simpler to get in and out of — particularly on the off chance that you’re pulling yourself back in subsequent to taking a reviving dunk in the lake. This likewise helps it to not get the breeze so a lot, providing you with somewhat of a more straightforward errand than you’d have rowing into the breeze in a taller vessel. It has a long skeg which assists it with following better too. Being a 11’5″ long boat, we viewed there as a satisfactory measure of room to fit two individuals and oar serenely as one.


However this kayak isn’t our best option for an Intex Inflatable Kayak Review, it’s quite agreeable for short journeys. Riding low in the water with short sides makes it a wake up to get in and from. Since the sides aren’t so thick as a portion of the opposition and don’t infringe such a long ways into the sitting space, the Challenger feels like a more extensive boat than it is. The seats are inflatable and join by means of velcro and clasps, permitting you to track down a more agreeable position intended for your requirements.

Intex Inflatable Kayak Review

The included oars are likewise very lightweight, which is dependably a reward. They have somewhat soft holds, which makes them a smidgen more agreeable — and not the same as most different oars available. Furthermore, to finish it off, there’s some helpful cross section covering on the bow of the boat to store a few additional things you might need to bring — simply don’t anticipate them remaining dry!

Simplicity of Set Up

To the extent that inflatable kayaks go, the Challenger is quite simple to set up. It just has two compartments (the floor and the frame/sides) and the seats that require blowing up. It likewise accompanies a convenient estimating measure to assist you with telling when the kayak is appropriately expanded. At the point when you’re finished with your water experience.

It’s extremely simple to dry the Challenger with a towel — no sitting tight in the sun for a really long time while texture dries out; this boat is made of a solitary layer of waterproof texture. The entire kayak effectively squeezes once more into its larger than usual stuff sack too, including every one of its parts like the oars and siphon.


Like most couple kayaks, you’re improbable ever to need to convey the Intex Inflatable Kayak Review than you need to. However, in spite of its size, this kayak holds a sensible measure of transportability. The duffel it comes in has a lot of room not just for its items (boat, oars, and siphon) however with a touch of planning, a daily existence vest or two too. The Challenger folds up into a quite simple shape to store at the rear of a wardrobe for the colder time of year.

The oars are additionally light, and tipping the scales at 33 pounds 3 ounces all out, this is one of the lightest couple boats we tried. On the off chance that you’re conveying simply the actual boat (without oars or siphon), you’re just liable for a little more than 27 pounds of watercraft. Moreover, assuming you choose to blow up the boat at your vehicle and walk it down to the water completely set up, it accompanies ropes along the bow and harsh to rapidly get it and go.


The toughness of the Challenger K2 is the most un-amazing thing about it. It endure having a tiny, smooth canine riding on the bow, yet we’re not certain it would have done so well with a more edgy canine. Likely the most un-moving piece of this kayak is how, on our most memorable expansion of the body.

An enormous lump showed up along one side in the center, regardless of our analyzers cautiously utilizing the included measure to get the legitimate measure of air. This lump kept on developing through progressive purposes as well as spread to the opposite side of the kayak, making the whole specialty more extensive.


The Challenger K2 comes for a minimal price for a total bundle, making it an engaging buy. However, you might wind up expecting to buy another one each mid year or stopping the season after a nearby experience with a sharp rock or excited canine. In any case, contrasted with leasing a kayak each time you drive up to the lake, the Challenger may be an improved arrangement.

Intex Inflatable Kayak Review


Is it safe to say that you are a significant Intex Inflatable Kayak Review however need to scale back your art to something you can stuff in a trunk or wardrobe by breaking into the universe of inflatable kayaks? The Intex Challenger K2 isn’t the most ideal boat for you. Have you just been kayaking that one time an extended get-away and consistently needed to have the option to do it all the more however didn’t have any desire to spend gobs of cash on a serious kayak?

The Challenger might be only your speed. A sufficiently lake-commendable boat, an economical complete bundle gives a perfectly measured proportion of access and a good time for the not-really troublesome kayaker. It is not difficult to move up and toss in the van when you take the children up to the lake and sufficiently little to stuff on a rack in the carport when you’re not utilizing it. It’s not the boat to last you a lifetime, yet it very well may be the right boat to assist you with gaining some great summer experiences.

We won’t lie; we at first felt somewhat wary about how the Intex Inflatable Kayak Review would perform on the water. Be that as it may, when we got it out there, we were enjoyably amazed with how sensible this kayak is. It sits low and is generally steady, following nicely well with a long,…

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