Best LED Navigation Lights For Kayaks

Best LED Navigation Lights For Kayaks

Kayaking is one of the most charming summer exercises, and with warm summer evenings going all out, you’ll probably need to be out on the water long after the sun goes down. However, obviously, you’ll maintain that should do it securely — and have the option to see where you’re going.

That is the reason kayak lights are a particularly significant Best LED Navigation Lights For Kayaks, and why we’ve gathered together our number one first class choices to assist with making each outing somewhat more secure.

Try not to misunderstand me: I love kayaking when the sun is high, the day is blistering, and the water is cool. That is when the greater part of us paddlers get out on the water and partake in those lovely bright late spring days how they’re expected to be appreciated. However, night sports are simply such a lot of tomfoolery, as well. At the point when the stars are out, the moon is high, and the world hushes up, being out in nature feels practically mysterious.

Evening time kayaking is a genuinely game-evolving experience. It’s an odd blend of invigorating, frightening, and quieting at the same time. Truly, it’s something everybody ought to encounter no less than once in their lives — or on the other hand, in the event that you’re brilliant and ready, Navigation Lights Are Required on a Sailboat. With regards to kayaking into the evening, there’s truly just a single piece of extra stuff you’ll require: a bunch of kayak lights.

Kayaking around evening time can be a supernatural encounter. Being out on the water after the sun goes down allows you an opportunity to zero in on the rowing without every one of the visual interruptions that accompany daytime undertakings.

In any case, any individual who needs to paddle around evening time should come ready with the right hardware. A kayak light is one of the most fundamental things to have on the off chance that you kayak into the evening. As a matter of fact, these lights are lawfully expected in numerous purviews since they Best LED Navigation Lights For Kayaks bring down the gamble of an impact with different vessels around evening time.

Notwithstanding, with such countless sorts of kayak lights available, viewing as one reasonable for your circumstance isn’t simple 100% of the time. So we’ve explored and evaluated the best kayak lights in a scope of costs and styles.

Best 5 LED Navigation Lights For Kayaks

Kayalu Kayalite Convenient Dazzling White Led Kayak Light

  • Mount Type: Strain tie
  • Waterproofing: IPX8, up to 1,000 feet
  • Battery Duration: 100 hours

This kayak light pack is intended to be noticeable from all sides, with a 360-degree range of enlightenment that will make you simple to recognize from each course. With close to 100 hours of battery duration (utilizing 3 AA batteries), it will keep you safe and make you effectively apparent the entire evening.

The white light is mounted on a 18-inch post, which you can get to your kayak deck utilizing a strain tie. This makes it definitely less flimsy and harder to lose than a pull cup or drill-mounted light, and it tends to be pushed over without harming your kayak or the actual light. Because of the solid marine-grade metal utilized for the shaft, it’s quite possibly of the most strong light available.

One cool component: in the event that you don’t have anyplace to cut the light onto your deck, you can buy a deck-mounting pack independently and secure it utilizing effectively installable Best LED Navigation Lights For Kayaks. It’s quite possibly of the most flexible light on our rundown, as well as one of the most outstanding performing and generally dependable!

Guardian Angel Elite Series Personal Safety Light Bar

Best LED Navigation Lights For Kayaks

  • Mount Type: Attractive
  • Waterproofing: IP68
  • Battery Duration: 93 hours

This is a genuinely novel kayak light! Rather than utilizing a clasp to slide onto your PFD, it utilizes two strong neodymium magnets to adhere the light to your lifejacket, coat, shirt, or even the kayak deck itself. It’s sufficiently reduced to fit in the center of your hand, weighs only 3 ounces, however creates sufficient light to be seen from 5 miles away. Discuss brilliant!

The Divine messenger is made with a super intense polycarbonate plastic shell that is IP68 appraised (waterproof and residue resistant). It’s not expected to be lowered, however it will not get waterlogged or harmed would it be advisable for you overturn or need to swim back to shore.

The little gadget accompanies top-and back confronting super splendid LEDs, as well as blazing crisis and work lights. Those work autonomously of one another and are controlled through the gadget’s single easy to use button.

The implicit lithium-particle battery pack will give you approximately 93 hours of persistent runtime.

However it’s pricier and more conservative than the greater part of our other top picks, the Heavenly messenger is a genuinely game-changing kayak light that you’d truly do well to consider.

RAILBLAZA Perceivability Pack Kayak All over Security Light

  • Mount Type: Drill-mounted
  • Waterproofing: IP8, dependent upon one meter
  • Battery Duration: 200+ hours

This full-perceivability mounting unit gives many choices to guard you around evening time! It incorporates a 360-degree LED harsh light and an orange banner to make you more noticeable during the evening and the day. An extendable 3′ shaft will raise the light over the level of your head so everybody can see you from all bearings.

The battery will endure as long as 200 hours in blazing crisis mode, as long as 160 hours in low brilliance work mode, or as long as 25 hours in full splendor navigation mode.

The light pack uses 3 AA batteries (excluded). The affixing pack makes it simple to penetrate mount the equipment to your deck. Once installed, you can without much of a stretch add or eliminate the light’s shaft (unscrewing it from the mounted base) as indicated by your necessities.

Reward: Assuming that you as of now have gear tracks Best LED Navigation Lights For Kayaks, you can purchase an extra track mount so there’s compelling reason need to bore into your kayak.

YakAttack VISIPole II

Best LED Navigation Lights For Kayaks

  • Mount Type: Track
  • Waterproofing: IPX8, up to 1,000 feet
  • Battery Duration: 100 hours

In the event that you need smaller and lightweight, you’ll cherish this banner and light combo. The super-brilliant LED light is mounted on a 3/8″ thick fiberglass pole, right over the high-vis orange banner. The level is customizable up to 4 feet tall, and the pole is adequately extreme to twist without snapping.

The battery duration is about 100 hours, with 3 AA batteries (excluded) for the power source. The LED light gets close to 10,000 hours of life (beautiful norm for LED bulbs) however creates a shockingly splendid light for such a conservative size.

The light unit is track-mounted, so in the event that you don’t as of now have gear tracks installed, you’ll have to purchase and add them first. However, it’s just viable with GearTrac and MightyMount.

Best Budget: Paddlers Supply Company LED Kayak Deck Light with Suction Cup Base

  • Mount Type: Suction cup + clip-on
  • Waterproofing: Unspecified
  • Battery Life: 100 hours

If you want to go cheap but still get good quality, this is the best kayak light for you, hands down. It’s the most affordable option on our list, but it doesn’t sacrifice durability or reliability just to keep costs low.

This deck mount LED navigation light is visible up to 2 miles away, with a battery life of around 100 hours. Though there is no official IP rating available, it claims to be waterproof and leakproof up to 1,000 feet underwater (the equivalent of an IPX8 rating). The flare-style end produces a highly visible light that is bright enough to alert even larger boats to your presence.

The suction cup base makes it easy to stick this light in place on your Best LED Navigation Lights For Kayaks, but some reviewers complain that after 2-3 years, the rubber stops working and begins to crack. Thankfully, you can always remove the light from the mast and clip it to your PFD using the attached hook lanyard. Now that’s convenience at its best!

What Lights Do I Need on My Kayak at Night?

Anyone kayaking at night must have the proper lights on their kayak to prevent collisions with other vessels.

Without the correct lights on your kayak, it can be difficult, if not impossible, for another boat to see you on the water. Vessel collisions are very dangerous, so it’s imperative that all boaters—kayakers included—have lights on their boats to prevent such a situation from occurring.

That said, figuring out precisely what lights you need on your kayak at night isn’t easy. The rules and regulations for navigation lights vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. There are also different rules for various kinds of vessels, and some maritime authorities don’t expressly mention kayaks in their regulations.

In the United States, navigation light requirements are dictated by the US Coast Guard’s navigation rules. These rules are similar to what you’d find elsewhere in the world but always double-check the requirements in your paddling area.

Within US waterways, your primary kayak light options while paddling include either:

  • Single white all-around light with a 360º beam
  • White stern light and red/green bow light (can be a tri-color masthead light)

Technically, kayakers should follow the rules for navigation lights on sailing vessels when paddling between sunset and sunrise. Under these regulations, kayaks should have a white stern light and a red/green bow light. Having these lights is ideal because it makes it easier for other vessels to see your direction of movement.

Types of Kayak Navigation Lights

Kayakers can use several light configurations when paddling at night in US waters. As a result, there are a few different types of kayak lights that you can choose from as you shop. These include:

  • Single All-Around Light – The simplest kayak light option is a single all-around light. This kind of light should be a white light with 360º visibility. It’s typically mounted onto a mast that should be placed toward the stern of your vessel. The downside to single all-around lights is that they don’t give oncoming vessels any indication of your direction of movement. This isn’t necessarily a concern in low-traffic areas. Still, it’s potentially problematic if you’re paddling in a major shipping channel.

Best LED Navigation Lights For Kayaks

  • Separate Bow & Stern Lights – For kayakers in high-traffic areas, separate bow and stern lights are generally recommended. In this setup, you’ll have a white stern light and a separate red/green bow light. The green light should be on your kayak’s starboard (right) side, and the red light should be on the port (left) side.
  • Tri-Color Lights – Smaller vessels, including kayaks, can also opt for a single tri-color masthead light. These devices emit white light to the stern of the boat, red light to the port side, and green to the starboard side. They’re not as popular on kayaks, but they tend to be easier to install than a separate bow and stern light system.
  • Flag & Light Combo – The final type of light system you’ll see on some kayaks is a flag and light combo. Technically, this is just an all-around white stern light with a high-visibility flag. The Best LED Navigation Lights For Kayaks is that it provides improved visibility during the daytime. This type of lighting kit is popular among kayak anglers when paddling in fishing spots that are popular among powerboats.

There are other types of lights out there, such as LED light strips for fishing and SOS emergency lights that you might want to have on your kayak. These lights can be a great addition to any gear list, but they technically don’t replace the navigation lights described above for all-purpose use while paddling at night.


Anyone who wants to paddle at night needs to have the right kayak lights for their needs. Staying visible on the water is essential after dark, so your kayak must be outfitted with a light kit that meets the maritime regulations in your area.

After reviewing the best kayak lights on the market, it’s clear that the Kayalu Kayalite Portable Bright White LED Kayak Light is one of the top options available. We especially liked that the Kayalite is easy to install and durable enough for use in various weather conditions.

That said, the important thing is that you get the kayak lights that work best for your unique paddling needs. We hope this article helps you understand what options are available, so you’re ready for your next nighttime outing on the water.

Kayaking is one of the most charming summer exercises, and with warm summer evenings going all out, you’ll probably need to be out on the water long after the sun goes down. However, obviously, you’ll maintain that should do it securely — and have the option to see where you’re going. That is the reason…

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