Best Marine Battery For Sump Pump

Best Marine Battery For Sump Pump

In a blackout, sump pumps are futile without a reinforcement power source like a perfect marine battery for sump pump. In any case, with such countless kinds of batteries available (and practically none marked for sump pumps), how would you pick the right one?

You could, obviously, skirt the issue and buy a reinforcement sump pump that accompanies the battery, however on the off chance that you haven’t or need a substitution.

Battery fueled sump pumps are sort of crisis hardware that should work dependably when required, and getting a good deal on these pumps or their batteries might be pricey thing to do.

Sump pump reinforcement battery should be marine battery for trolling motor able to drive sump pump engine and it should store sufficient energy to control the entire unit adequately long to forestall however much harm as could be expected until mains power is reestablished.

Two is superior to one, particularly on the off chance that you’re discussing sump pumps. In the event that you consider your essential sump pump as being responsible for keeping your cellar or unfinished plumbing space dry, you can imagine a battery reinforcement sump pump as the primary pump’s protection supplier.

Picking a Marine Battery For Sump Pump is significant, and each pump producer professes to sell the best one. Actually most reinforcement pumps are great. Be that as it may, some are superior to other people, contingent upon your singular circumstance.

To assist with settling on your choice more straightforward, we’ve ordered a rundown of the five best battery reinforcement sump pumps accessible, alongside certain tips to assist with controlling you towards the one that is ideal for you.

Battery Fueled Sump Pumps Highlights and Determinations

The main component of the battery controlled sump pump is the ostensible strength of the pump engine and it is generally given in the HPs. Regularly battery worked sump pumps accompany 1/6 HP, 1/4 HP, 1/3 HP, 1/2 HP, 3/4 HP or even 1 HP engines.

Most normal kind of battery worked sump pumps are 12V sump pumps, with 24V sump pumps being utilized where bigger stream (gallons each hour) or bigger lift (given in feet) is required:

  • 12V sump pumps, typical circumstances: go for single, great AGM battery,
  • 12V sump pumps, long working time required: go for at least 2, excellent AGM batteries and associate them in equal – utilize a similar battery model of a similar brand, ideally from a similar cluster,
  • 24V sump pumps: pick 2 great AGM batteries and associate them in series.

Most famous sump pumps accompany their own battery boxes and their own battery chargers, fairly restricting the clients with respect to battery determination.

Yet, on account of crises, one needs to realize Best Marine Battery For Sump Pump don’t work ceaselessly. For instance, a few engine regulators when caution is set off, will run pump engine for 10-20 seconds persistently (to forestall short cycling), yet after that next caution my be hours away.

Sump Pump Battery Boxes and Chargers

Sump Pump battery chargers work as the two chargers and maintainers, keeping the battery completely energized and in ideal condition over significant stretch of time.

In the event that the sump pump doesn’t have a solid battery charger/maintainer, think about purchasing devoted one and associate it to the battery.

odyssey 31m pc2150st m battery 2Preferred battery sort of sump pump batteries are AGM (Spongy Glass Mat) SLA (Fixed Lead Corrosive) batteries which are essentially upkeep free and frequently may worked in any position. Overflowed/wet cells batteries are not support free and may come up short when totally required.

Lithium particle batteries are likewise conceivable decision for Best Marine Battery For Sump Pump, yet despite the fact that they are lighter and frequently may endure enormous number of charging/releasing cycles, sump pump batteries a large portion of their working lifetime spend in pausing – backup sort of utilization.

Most sump pump battery boxes acknowledge BCI Gathering 27 batteries or BCI Gathering 31 batteries.

Their sizes are:

  • Bunch 27 batteries (L x W x H): 12.0625 x 6.8125 x 8.875 (12 1/16 x 6 13/16 x 8 7/8) inches, 30.6 x 17.3 x 22.5 cm,
  • Bunch 31 batteries (L x W x H): 13 x 6.8125 x 9.4375 (13 x 6 13/16 x 9 7/16) inches, 33 x 17.3 x 24 cm.

As may be obvious, battery box intended to acknowledge bunch 31 battery may likewise acknowledge bunch 27 battery or some other battery bunch that is more modest than bunch 31 battery. Be that as it may, more modest the battery, more modest the limit in Ah and in this way, more limited the working season of the sump pump when there is no mains power free.

Best Marine Battery For Sump Pump

What kind of battery is viable with the Pump Guard 822 and 1622?

Anyway, what battery type does SEC America prescribe to be utilized along their Best Marine Battery For Sump Pump reinforcement framework?

In the Pump Guard Establishment directions, they give the prerequisites to batteries that should be charged and utilized by the Guard. Here are the determinations:

  • The battery or battery bank should have an ostensible working voltage of 12V
  • Single or consolidated A-hr. rating doesn’t surpass 250 A-hr
  • Battery should conform to the BCI bunch size of 27 and bigger, up to 31
  • Should be a profound cycle battery, wet cell or AGM, and can be marine

5 Best Marine Battery For Sump Pump

1. Strong Max ML100-12

This battery ticks all the checkboxes for similarity with the Pump Guard models 822PS and 1622PS. It’s sans support, so you will not need to mess with evolving fluids. Notwithstanding its extraordinary specs, I additionally truly like this battery since, supposing that you, for reasons unknown, are unsatisfied with the battery, you can request a discount in the initial 30 days. From that point onward, you’ll in any case be guaranteed of a 1-year guarantee.

This battery is intended to endure as long as 10 years, however life expectancy is obviously additionally dependent upon recurrence of purpose.

As a gathering 30 battery with A-hr of 100, it ought to generally have the option to save your 6A sump pump in activity for around 30 hours in the event that it runs for 10 seconds like carpet for boat cabin. During weighty rainfalls, where the pump just stop for a moment between obligations, you’ll in any case get a liberal 10 hours of water level security with this battery fueling your sump and Guard.

For sump pumps that run at 9A, you’ll keep your framework up for around 24 hours assuming the sump pump runs for 10 seconds between brief breaks. Assuming the sump pump kicks after each moment, this number drops to some place in the vicinity of 8 hours.

For exact assessments of running hours of your Pump Guard on batteries of specific BCI gatherings or A-hr., you can look at this asset delivered by the SEC America.

2. Life saver GPL-31T

Best Marine Battery For Sump Pump

This is an exceptionally strong battery, delegated a BCI bunch 31. It, obviously, is a profound cycle marine battery, so bringing profound into its put away energy without harming the battery is planned.

How long the Pump Guard will actually want to keep your sump pump running with utilization of this battery, relies upon the Ampere use of that Best Marine Battery For Sump Pump. Normally, a ⅓ HP or a ½ HP sump pump runs in the vicinity of 6A, while more grounded sump pumps commonly approach or at times even shoot past 9A. Chances are, you’ll have the option to find the running ampere of your sump pump in one of the diagrams of this page.

The Help GPL-31T battery is somewhat more remarkable than the Strong Max, and ought not out of the ordinary to move your Pump Guard along for maybe an additional hour, contingent obviously upon its recurrence kicking on.

3. UPG UB121000

This battery, the All inclusive Power Gathering 12V 100Ah is one of the darlings accessible on Amazon. You can peruse the surveys yourself of individuals who have explicitly involved this battery as a feature of their sump pump reinforcement framework, precisely here. It’s a decent approach to rapidly discover how their encounters have been with this specific battery.

This battery will back your sump pump framework up lengthy enough for most circumstances. It is, be that as it may, somewhat less strong than different batteries on this rundown.

Under typical circumstances, it ought to richly have the option to keep your Guard and pump laboring for an enitire day at brief spans between obligations; assuming your sump pit is discharged out in 10 seconds or less.

However, in the event that you live in a space with weighty rainfalls and regular, enduring blackouts, you might need just a little of a more grounded battery. I for one like my 8 hours of rest, and at the brief span between pumps, this battery could miss the mark by an hour or somewhere in the vicinity.

Other than that, the All inclusive Power Gathering has made an incredible battery with the model UB121000.

4. Highway DCM0100

Best Marine Battery For Sump Pump

This battery stood apart to me, as it is the battery with the most elevated A-hr on this rundown (yet well beneath the limit of 250 A-hr that is expected for similarity with the Pump Guard 822 and 1622). I additionally like the 1 year free to 80% limit guarantee that shows up with it.

I would comfortably nod off for 8 hours during a blackout in the event that this charges my pump guard and Best Marine Battery For Sump Pump. However, the disadvantage is that it has a cost.

These 67.50 lbs of unadulterated AGM battery will keep your framework running for a lot of time. It is assessed that it’ll run for up to 35 under typical circumstances at a draw of 6A, at a time frame minutes between 10 second purging cycles. At 9A, so for heavier obligation sump pumps, it’ll move toward the 8 hour mark during the extreme circumstances where it kicks in for 10 seconds after each moment.

5. Optima 8027-127 D27M

You presumably definitely know Optima as a believed battery brand. With the model 8027-127 D27 they have created a phenomenal profound cycle marine battery that you can use as a power hotspot for your Pump Guard reinforcement framework.

As a 27 gathering battery with an unassuming 66 A-hr, you might be enticed to think this battery is sub-par compared to others on this rundown. Particularly since it’s additionally on the expensive side.

Sump pumps will undoubtedly emit vibration and the Optima 8027-127 is explicitly worked to be impervious to that, hence expanding its possible life expectancy. As a result, numerous proprietors of this battery who use it for their sump pump reinforcement framework have to be sure been flabbergasted by how long this battery has demonstrated to endure.

With a CCA of 800 Ampere it ought to have the option to set off your sump pump even in chilly circumstances.

So it has got a lot going for it. My evaluation is that this is one of the best batteries you can get for your Pump Sentry. The one downside of it compared to competitors is that you won’t maximize the length of time your system can consecutively run during power outages. But it will likely keep working for many a year.

Which batteries does SEC America recommend for the Pump Sentry?

So the above batteries are my Best Marine Battery For Sump Pump. But you may be wondering “What does the manufacturer of the Pump Sentry recommend as a battery?”.

I have not seen SEC America literally recommend specific batteries. That is of course why I have composed the list above. Nevertheless, they do mention a couple of them. The 5 batteries mentioned in the manual as being compatible with the Pump Sentry are:

  • Die Hard Model 27524
  • Exide Model NC-27
  • Interstate Model SRM-27
  • Metropolitan Model 27T-36
  • NAPA Model 8270

Unfortunately, this list is not as helpful as I hoped it would be. Many of these batteries are either very hard to find online or simply out of stock. While it may be good to know these batteries are compatible, it’s not that much of an actionable list. If you can find one of these batteries and like it, by all means, go for it. If you can’t, you’re probably equally well off if you just use the first list that I’ve provided, as they are also popular batteries that tick all the checkboxes for compatibility that we identified.


In this article, we’ve identified 5 great batteries currently on the market that work well together with your Pump Sentry. We’ve based our list on the specification requirements provided by the manufacturer of the Pump Sentry. Note that the requirements are the same for both models of the Sentry: the 822PS and 1622PS.

While the manufacturer mentions 5 batteries that work well with the Sentry, these batteries are hard to find. That’s why I hope you’ll find it useful that I’ve provided you with 5 extra batteries that fill the requirements for a battery to be used along your Best Marine Battery For Sump Pump. Good luck with making your choice! As always, remember to read the instructions very carefully or hire an electrician for the installation.

In a blackout, sump pumps are futile without a reinforcement power source like a perfect marine battery for sump pump. In any case, with such countless kinds of batteries available (and practically none marked for sump pumps), how would you pick the right one? You could, obviously, skirt the issue and buy a reinforcement sump…

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