Pontoon Boat Insurance in Ontario

How Much Does Pontoon Boat Insurance in Ontario

A boat insurance policy covers you and your personal watercraft for liability damages if you cause injury to someone or damage their property, as well as any damage to your boat following a boating accident or insured risk such as fire or theft. Pontoon Boat Insurance in Ontario is proud to offer a product that is designed for Ontario boaters. We provide our clients with an unmatched, comprehensive Ontario pontoon insurance policy that will protect your boat of any size or value.

Our all-risk comprehensive marine insurance policy covers the watercraft in the water, on a trailer, or in storage. The protection provides coverage for accidents, including: fire, theft, vandalism, collision, lightning, storm damage, and Boat Insurance a Year in Texas. As an added bonus, you receive emergency towing, loss of use coverage, voluntary medical payments and accidental death coverage; with a liability limit up to $2,000,000, which includes accidental pollution liability and watersport liability.

Purchasing a boat is quite an expensive investment. You could spend even more on repairs and accident claims without proper protection. Thankfully, here’s where boat insurance comes in. But how much is Pontoon Boat Insurance in Ontario? It’s safe to say boat insurance quotes are like ebb and flow, rising and falling, depending on different factors.

How Much is Boat Insurance in Ontario?

Whether you’re boating in one of Canada’s lakes or sailing on international waters, your boat insurance policy includes coverage.

According to the boating rules in Ontario, boat insurance covers water vehicles with a motor, such as yachts, paddle boats, power boats, sailboats, and pontoon boats. Moreover, Jet Skis and Wave Runners can also be insured.

Usually, you’ll need a separate boat insurance policy for motorized boats. Smaller, non-motorized boats used for recreation, such as kayaks, can be insured under your homeowners’ insurance policy.

After comparing prices from various insurance companies that provide Pontoon Boat Insurance in Ontario, we determined that the average yearly cost is between $300 and $600. According to this, boat insurance in Ontario would cost you only around $29 to $50 per month.

What Does Boat Insurance in Ontario Cover?

When filing an insurance claim, you have two settlement options:

  • Actual cash value coverage – replacement and depreciation costs, as well as the overall condition of the situation and the boat, its resale (second-hand) value and average life expectancy.
  • Agreed value coverage – only the amount specified in your insurance policy agreement will be reimbursed, with no depreciation applied.

Your basic boat insurance should include the following benefits and liabilities:

  • Collision damage – provides repairs or replacements for your boat in case of a collision.
  • Property damage liability – entails the damage you cause with your watercraft to someone else’s boat, dock, or other property.
  • Bodily injury liability – if someone is injured on your boat, this liability will reimburse the medical bills, legal fees, and recovery costs.
  • Uninsured boater liability – intended to compensate you for injuries suffered aboard your boat due to another boat’s operator who lacks liability insurance.
  • Guaranteed replacement cost coverage – if there’s a total loss of the vessel in the first three years, you will be reimbursed up to the amount required to purchase a new vessel of the same quality and company.
  • Loss of use coverage – if a watercraft is lost or damaged due to an insured peril, your insurer will reimburse you for expenses incurred for the rental of a substitute vessel (within your policy limits).

If this happens Pontoon Boat Insurance in Ontario, an additional reimbursement will be provided for accommodations, meals, or alternate modes of transportation (taxis or public transport).

  • Emergency towing coverage – if an insured watercraft becomes disabled for any reason, expenses for towing, fuel delivery, or emergency labour that is required on the spot will be covered.
  • Comprehensive damage and coverage – compensation and reimbursements if your boat is damaged in an incident other than a collision, such as theft or vandalism.
  • Accidental pollution liability – in the event of a sudden and unexpected release of hazardous liquids from your boat, the insurer will reimburse all reasonable costs for salvage and environmental cleanup.

Ontario Pontoon Boat Insurance

Our Pontoon Boat Insurance in Ontario is offered on an agreed value, or actual cash value form. We will go through the options that are available to make sure you understand what you are purchasing. Not all Pontoon insurance policies are the same; the more you understand about the differences in coverage options, the better you will be protected.

Pontoon Boat Insurance in Ontario

Whether for cruising, entertaining or fishing, your pontoon boat is definitely a lifestyle choice. There are certain types of coverage that are particularly important to consider when you’re shopping for Ontario pontoon boat insurance.

Storm damage

Pontoons ride higher in the water; they’re lighter and have large tops. This makes them vulnerable to high winds and waves. A Northstar Marine Insurance policy automatically includes storm damage, so you can rest easy when the clouds roll in.


There is nothing racoons love more than cosy upholstery, and your pontoon boat is full of it. Pontoon boats are often used for entertaining, and any leftover crumb can attract mice and other unwanted visitors. There are marine policies out there that exclude vermin damage. At Northstar, we know that your average critter can cause a lot of damage, and we have you covered by automatically including vermin coverage.

Agreed Value Coverage

You’ve made a significant investment and need to be properly protected. An Agreed Value Policy ensures that should something happen to the pontoon boat, the insurance company will give you the insured value without depreciation.

Loss of Use

There is nothing worse than having friends up to the cottage for the weekend, only to find out your boat is laid up because you’ve had a claim. A NorthStar policy includes loss of use coverage for cases like these! While your pontoon boat is being repaired as a result of a claim, we will cover the cost of a rental boat.*

Emergency Towing

Should you have a mechanical breakdown on the water and call in for a tow, the cost can catch you off-guard. A marine policy that includes emergency towing at no additional cost does Pontoon Boat Insurance in Ontario: first, it saves you purchasing on-water assistance separately, and secondly, it ensures you’re not left footing the bill for a costly tow. Send us your tow receipt and we’ll pay it with no claim on your record, and no deductible. We just want you safely off the water. *

A boat insurance policy covers you and your personal watercraft for liability damages if you cause injury to someone or damage their property, as well as any damage to your boat following a boating accident or insured risk such as fire or theft. Pontoon Boat Insurance in Ontario is proud to offer a product that…

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