How to Transport a Kayak in a Truck [GUIDE]

Shipping a kayak in a truck bed is precarious. Since pickup trucks don’t have rooftop bars like a vehicle or SUV may, Transport a Kayak in a Truck most proprietors need to move their kayak in the bed of their truck.

Kayaking is perhaps the most adored open air movement among American. There are more than 15 million kayakers in the United States. Kayak devotees venture out significant distances to get to their cherished stream and kayak entire day long. This additionally implies they need to convey their stuff remembering the kayak for the vehicle they drive. Moving kayak on a pickup truck is particularly precarious contrasted with vans or SUVs. After broad examination and conversing with kayakers in the city we have incorporated a complete aide on the best way to move kayak on a pickup truck.

Whether or not your kayak will fit in your truck bed relies upon a couple of elements; which includes the normal sizes for both truck beds and kayaks. In this way, let us talk about these two variables right away.

Would a kayak be able to fit in a truck bed? All things considered, the response is yes! A kayak can fit in a truck bed on the off chance that it has a length of around 8 feet and assuming you position it askew. You want a long-bed pickup truck and a couple of solid strap lashes to secure your kayak in the truck bed. Assuming your truck bed is excessively little or your kayak is excessively enormous, truck bed extender for kayak, you can take the assistance of a utility rack or a bed extender.

Instructions to Transport Kayak in Pickup Truck

1: Using Truck Bed

This straightforward technique is likely the most famous method for moving a kayak in a truck – and not without reason. Most kayakers love this is on the grounds that it’s a speedy, straightforward, helpful answer for how to ship a kayak without a rack in a truck.

It doesn’t get a lot more straightforward than stacking your kayak toward the rear of your truck and secures it. Indeed, there’s something else to it besides that – you’ll require a truck bed liner, a solid elastic mat that guards your freight, and froth blocks for cushioning – however you get the picture.

Top Tip

Link locks are an incredible method for shielding your kayak from hoodlums. They can be circled through each kayak handle and an anchor point, making it practically incomprehensible for any other individual to utilize or remove without authorization! Transport a Kayak in a Truck They additionally go about as a security line – forestalling your vessel flying down the expressway – should your straps or rope come free or break.


  • Doesn’t need any extra gear or reseller’s exchange moves up to your vehicle
  • A reasonable answer for moving a kayak assuming that you have a restricting kayaking financial plan
  • A helpful and clear strategy that turns out incredible for more limited drives


You’ll require a link lock as an additional safety effort or lockable lashes rather than normal ones to forestall kayak burglary

2: Kayak Roof Rack System

To know how to convey a kayak on a truck while as yet leaving the truck bed void for other freight, a rooftop rack framework merits considering.

Introduced on top of the truck taxi, Build a Homemade Kayak Launch, they are a simple and non extremely durable strategy for moving various kayaks – no requirement for penetrating openings or introducing secondary selling secure snares with this choice

The extraordinary thing about rack frameworks is they arrived in an assortment of shapes and sizes, Transport a Kayak in a Truck can be utilized in vehicles, trucks, and SUVs – with most fitting being compatible between vehicles – making them a wise speculation

However, make sure to get the bow and harsh of your kayak, as well as utilizing a bunch of lashes to secure it to the rooftop rack to keep it from moving or tumbling off. Bow and harsh lines are an absolute necessity with this technique for kayak transportation because of exceptional breeze power.


  • Utilizing the truck’s rooftop rack framework opens up the truck’s bed for pulling different things, such as rowing hardware and setting up camp stuff
  • You don’t have to eliminate the tonneau cover


  • Assuming you drive a solitary taxi pickup truck with front seats just, this technique won’t work
  • Shipping something as extensive as a kayak could affect your efficiency – and not positively
  • The AA-Racks Model DX36 Universal Roof Rack System, for instance, is a brilliant decision because of its all inclusive fit, high-strength development, and a 350-pound limit.
  • Assuming you’re currently picking a kayak rooftop rack, look at this rooftop rack gather together for more phenomenal choices!

3: Kayak Truck Rack

Assuming you own a solitary taxi pickup truck and you can’t fit a kayak onto the rooftop rack, a kayak rack for truck bed could be the arrangement you’re searching for here.

Load the kayak frame side down, position it at the focal point of the rack, secure it to the bars, and add the bow and harsh lines if conceivable – piece of cake.


  • Utilizing a truck bed rack makes stacking and emptying the kayak considerably more sensible than stacking it on the rooftop rack
  • The heap limit of truck bed racks is typically higher than the limit of rooftop racks


  1. Truck racks for the most part require semi-extremely durable or long-lasting mounts and probably won’t be appropriate for those hoping to keep away from super durable adjustments
  2. You can’t utilize a tonneau cover, which leaves your truck’s bed presented to the components
  3. Contrasted with a few different other options, Transport a Kayak in a Truck this strategy can be a piece expensive
  4. Except if you prepared and right now introduced a rack in the truck’s bed, you’ll need to choose one at this point. On that note, I might want to suggest the YAKIMA Overhaul HD Truck Bed Rack:
  5. It fits most truck beds, flaunts a 500-beat on-street rating, has coordinated strap focuses and T-space connections, and it’s stature movable.

4: Truck Utility Rack

In the event that you’re searching for a method for moving more than one kayak, a truck utility rack is no doubt your smartest choice. It’s basically a mix of a rooftop rack framework and truck bed rack, which means you outwit the two universes.

Lift the kayak on the rack – you may require some assistance with that – and secure it utilizing a bunch of wrench or cam lashes. Best of all, you actually have extra space in the truck bed for another ‘yak or the remainder of your gear!


  1. An astounding answer for shipping couples and visiting kayaks, which will quite often be on the more extended side
  2. Joins the advantages of a truck bed rack and a rooftop rack into one, offering a higher burden limit and a lot greater capacity region – incredible in the event that you have more than one boat
  3. Turns out incredible for longer excursions, as it opens up the truck bed for pulling extra stuff or more than one kayak
  4. Extra crossbar connections can be bought to convey stepping stools, bicycles and different athletic gear. Settling on them a phenomenal decision for work and play


  1. Will in general be incredibly boisterous and produce a great deal of vibration at higher paces; anything more than 50 miles each hour will bring about a noisy, high-pitch sound
  2. Get together and establishment is for the most part a two-man work
  3. ECOTRIC Adjustable Utility Kayak Rack is the ideal illustration of what a truck utility rack offers of real value.
  4. Flexible, widespread fit plan, 1000-pound limit, and various strap focuses; that’s all there is to it? Make certain to look at it!

5: Truck Bed Extender

The fifth and last strategy will examine today is your answer for how to move a kayak in a short bed truck.

As a guideline, the truck’s bed should uphold basically 70% of the kayak’s weight. Assuming you can’t press 66% of the body in there because of the bed being short, you’ll need to put resources into a bed extender.

The truck bed extender appends to your hitch collector, Transport a Kayak in a Truck, adding an additional a 2 feet or more onto the rear of your pickup. This makes them ideal for conveying curiously large hardware like boats and kayaks!


  • The arrangement is clear and simple to utilize
  • Doesn’t need any alterations or super durable establishment; use and eliminate the truck bed extender on a case by case basis without an excessive amount of issue – you simply need a hitch beneficiary
  • A modest answer for moving a kayak that doesn’t fit in a more limited truck bed


  • Contingent upon how much shade you have, it probably won’t be legitimate for you to move your kayak along these lines
  • On the off chance that your truck gets back finished by another vehicle, your kayak will take the brunt of the accident
  • Assuming that you choose to attempt it, look at the SUNCOO Pick Up Truck Bed Hitch Extender. The hard core steel outline has a customizable width, a 720-pound limit and incorporates intelligent tape and a bunch of wellbeing banners.

Shipping a kayak in a truck bed is precarious. Since pickup trucks don’t have rooftop bars like a vehicle or SUV may, Transport a Kayak in a Truck most proprietors need to move their kayak in the bed of their truck. Kayaking is perhaps the most adored open air movement among American. There are more…

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